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Increasingly, the world seems to have conflicting ideas on just about everything. Today, there are on-going debates not just over significant political and economic affairs that impacts the welfare of the entire world, but over simple things such as food, technology, travel to trivial things such as what sauce goes best with a certain dish.

People have an opinion on everything! When it comes to fashion, one of the long-standing battles is between Branded and Non-Branded items. As with many debates, proponents of each side have valid reasons and here is an overview of some of them.

Brands Over Me-too ProductsBranded products are perceived to be of higher quality and of better make than unbranded fashion items whose quality is doubtful. This could be due to the use of durable, superior raw materials or small-scale production demanding greater attention and expert labour. Another feature of brands is that they offer exclusivity or a limited edition range. This is quite important for consumers who prefer to stand apart from the crowd and use fashion as a status symbol. The end of this spectrum includes designer wear that is generally custom-made and tailored to suit the requirements of the consumer. Designer wear is known to be very costly as they are made to order by famous fashion labels and world-renowned designers. Celebrities and extremely wealthy individuals prefer designer wear to even normal branded items. Affluent ladies tend to buy fascinator hats that are uniquely crafted just for them in the attempt to stand out at grand events.

No-Name Necessary to ImpressBranded products are increasingly linked to a certain type of personality such as being rich, stylish, trendy or cool. While it is true that wearing branded items instil confidence, it should not be allowed to take over the true personality. The ability and will to splash absurd amounts of money on branded items that might have similar quality and durability depends on different factors. The choice mostly depends on the level of income and the perception one holds towards branded fashion items. Spending ludicrous amounts on getting branded clutches for bridesmaids for example would be a waste of money for those cautious spenders. Today, consumers are wiser about how they spend their hard-earned money. With that said however, if you have enough and more money to spare, splashing a few extra bucks to look and feel your best is not a crime. For others of course, there is always a choice and whichever choice they make should not be judged or criticised. After all, you are only good as how you really feel inside.

The Never Ending Fashion Debate

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The Never Ending Fashion Debate