Efficiency of resistive load bank:

Resistive load banks are the type of load banks that tests the capacity and the quality of the power of the electrical circuits of the generator, which compares the load in prime mover and the generator. Power is delivered to the generator and then the generator delivers most efficient and certain amount of power. This type of load bank work efficiently to remove all type of energies from the generator. Heat load created by the conversion of electrical energy with the help of power resistors. Like the heating or lightening, resistive loads do efficient work to start the work in generator. Every kind of measurement which a generator needs, provide by this resistive load bank. A specific atmospheric pressure and perfect mechanism helps in checking the generator and its working.

Generator testing using a load bank:

The generator output is being equipped with the load bank tester. Our main focus is on prime mover as during testing, the resistive load increases by revitalizing the load step to the point where prime mover having the required capacity. Examples of tests are:

  • Engine cooling system (coolant temperature can be visualized under the actual generator loading)
  • Engine fuel system (it ensures the whole system of engine’s fuel working properly during partial, full load conditions)
  • Engine air intake system (it ensures the proper supply of air that is coming into the engine)
  • Enclosure louvers (it opens the enclosure temperature when it reaches the point of rated temperature

The most common type uses resistances like the wire with the help of a cooling fan and this type is mostly made portable for easy use and can be easily transported from one place to the other where the generators are present. Sometimes a saltwater rheostat is being used which can readily be improvised, which makes it useful in far-flung sites.


Load banks australia are being used  for the production of generators, cranes, trains, and vehicles and as resistors for the manufacturing of earth and compression, load resistors, test resists, control resistors and load / unload resistors. Possible simulation of different load kinds. Loads checking before using in the field is dangerous because we are not sure about whether it will work properly or not in the future or not.

Battery testing:

It also uses for the automobile sector where batteries are being tested with the help of this magnificent load banks. A carbon pile load bank connected with the battery for the testing of the battery or the charging system which allows us to use the battery in the critical times, the time when our batter has a full load in practical use. That kind of load bank usually is portable.

The Portable Resistive Load Bank is a solid steel box containing three-shift able load banks. Each bank of resistors is separated electrically so that it can connect to three-phase circuits as a star or delta load.

Resistive Load Banks Are Good To Measure The Quality Of Power