Not all places in this world are blessed with an abundant water source. There are some countries that are suffering from a major water crisis due to different reasons such as: lack of government provided water infrastructure, extreme drought caused by climate change such as unpredictable weather conditions , insufficient water supply due to overpopulation or a lot of people are simply just wasting water. This is the reason why a lot of people are finding ways to find more sources of water just to survive.

In some African countries and other parts of the world, approximately more than 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. There are some impoverished communities where they have to walk a couple of miles just to be able to get access to water and they are not even sure if its potable or not.

A lot of people take advantage of using and collecting rainwater to be used in their everyday lives because living with a limited water source is very difficult. In this article we will learn more about the importance of using recycled water and what can we do to help save water to help our environment.

Water coming from the rain is generally a clean source of water but it gets contaminated once the rain starts to hit the roof and pass by the gutters. Below are some useful information about the use of rainwater. Another use of rain water is for laundry and bathing. If you practice rainwater harvesting, you can minimize your monthly water consumption with as much as 40%.

Flushing also consumes a lot of water in a household and you can use rainwater for flushing. Flushing is considered as one of the main reasons of water drain. You can use recycled water by just storing them in clean plastic chemical storage containers and place it near the toilet bowl. The amount of water to be used for flushing should be equivalent to the capacity of the toilets’ water tank.

You can collect water from the rain to be used for both cooking and drinking. Just to be on the safe side you can install a filtration system to help treat possible microorganisms and contaminants that may be present on the water. If there is no filtration system you can boil the water as an alternative.

Recycled water can be used to clean and fill fish ponds and you can even create a natural swimming pool by simply using recycles and filtered rain water. Some even treat it with chlorine just to make sure that the water would be safe for everyone.

Major Use Of Rainwater In Our Daily Lives: