A promotional model is a female or male individual who is hired by an company to increase the customer demand of some product, service or some concept. These models are not usually come on screen but these are found at various locations where these can advertise the product or some brand in real time to the customer through the live session. The common places where these models can be found is nightclubs, retail stores, some sporting events or in some bars where there are normally many people so that these can catch the attention of these people and can convince them to purchase their brand.

In order to convince people, you need to have a convincing personality and good looks because if model is not in good looks then people will highly likely not be attracted towards them. Therefore, whether it is male or female he or she needs to be attractive. Not only the good looks are the factors that matter in the job of a promotional model but the good communication is also the key factor in this job. This person must be able to engage people so that they can be convinced.  This is one of way marketing the product by the company and this type of marketing is known as event marketing and the promotional models Adelaide are known as ambassadors of the brand and sometimes also referred as spokesmodel,

This type of marketing is not limited to any one class of brand products or services but it can be done for any kind of product and service such as a bubble gum and even a potato chip, it may include sodas, games, phones, tablets, cars and many more things.

You may have never realized the difference between a salesperson and a promotional model. Like any other salesperson these models do not just sell things but they walk around different retail store and sporting arenas with small samples of their products and sometimes they also give you a demo of these product and give you a sample free of cost so that you may try their product and then after liking it you many also end up purchasing it someday.

There is no age limit in being a promotional model, unless you are suitable for the product you can be its promotional model. The minimum age is however 18 years old. There are many senior citizens who are also involved in the job of promotional model.  

Job Description Of A Promotional Model