Most of us want to achieve that healthy, young-looking and glowing skin, but it is almost impossible to do so because of a hectic schedule, tight budget, lack of sufficient knowledge, and many other personal factors. Skin care would seem easy for people who can afford to go to the spa every week (or every month). You just enter the spa, get pampered, and voila! Achieving that healthy and glowing skin requires no effort – as long as you regularly visit a spa.

But we all know how expensive these spa and beauty services Perth CBD could be, right? Even if you can avail of a promo today, it would still be hard to maintain a lifestyle that includes weekly body scrubs, massages, facial derma, and the like. You need to earn a huge and stable monthly income first, before even considering regular spa visits as part of your lifestyle.

If you are on a tight budget however, this does not mean that you should just forego proper skin care completely. Even without a spa, you can always opt to take care of your skin the do-it-yourself (DIY) way, or find an lash extension salon Perth near you. Proper body skin care requires regular bathing (of course), but that is not enough to achieve a healthy, even-toned skin. Aside from bathing, you also have to:

  • Exfoliate Your Skin Once or Twice a Week – with the use of a body scrub, a loofah or pumice stone, rubbing dead skin cells is a must if you want to reveal new, glowing and young-looking skin. You can do it during the weekends or any day that does not require you to rush out to work/school.
  • Moisturize With A Lotion – moisture is what keeps our skin vibrant and young-looking. It also helps even out your skin tone (especially in areas such as the elbows and armpits that are prone to darkening). This should be done daily (after bathing), even if you haven’t exfoliated yet.
  • Sun Protection – do you know that UV rays can damage and harm our skin? In fact, too much exposure from UV rays can cause skin cancer (in worst cases). Damaged skin looks dull, and it can even cause premature aging (and nobody likes that). This is why you should make sure that you put on enough SPF whenever you go out. Even if the weather is cloudy, the sun can still emit UV rays that can seep through our atmosphere, so best to be on the safe side and apply sunblock no matter what!
    You don’t need an additional product for sun protection. There are already a number of moisturizing lotions out there which also contains SPF. SPF 15 to 30 is fine for daily use. Higher SPF is only necessary if you are going to the beach, or if you are going to do outdoor activities for hours.
How To Take Care Of Your Skin Without Going To The Spa