One of the commonly faced problems in the majority of households is the clogged sewer line. It is indeed a major concern which requires immediate rectification before the problem gets worsened. Therefore, it is important to figure out the main reasons that caused the clogged sewer line and ways to prevent it from happening in the near future. Once you get well versed with the causes, it’s easier to avoid such concerns and also makes your life convenient.

Tree root intrusionsThis is one of the key causes that lead to blocked drains Cardiff. When you notice mild rainfall in the Bay Area mostly during the situation of drought, the trees and its roots seek water. If there is leakage in the sewer pipe, the roots will instantly seek out the pipes and make an attempt to get a hold on the moisture. Gradually, the pipe gets surrounded and breaks into it and grows to fill the pipe’s width and this in turn leads to a blocked line. It is important to figure out the sewer line, where it runs precisely and know the type of bushes and trees that are present above the line. One should refrain from pouring grease in the drain as it makes the sewage line harder and forms a stubborn clog.

Don’t use the toilet for trashMost people don’t realize the repercussions of using toilets like a trash can and they end up flushing baby tissues, wipes, hair, egg shells, plastic bags, napkins and many other things. These results in clogged sewer line and it may be a severe one and in such scenarios emergency plumber Glendale comes to your rescue. Therefore, one should avoid flushing the things mentioned above and only use the toilet to flush away human waste. A trash can be used for disposing such items to ensure the sewer line is not blocked.

Sagged sewer lineOne of the other reasons for the clogged sewer line is the sagging sewer line and it also called as a belly in the pipeline. Most of the times, the waste water does not go down the sewer line easily when there are sewer line sags. The waste often makes its way back to the other end of the area and the problem arises. These are some of the causes which may or may not be under your control. However, the ones which are in your control, you can certainly bear it in mind and avoid doing it in future. If the problem has already taken place and you are unable to resolve it on your own, you can seek professional help to fix the issue.

Common Causes For Clogged Sewer Line