We all know that generally Asian countries are much more traditional with anything that they do. While there is a change that is being seen due to globalization and changing lifestyles, certain ways that certain things are done still remains the same. When it comes to eating food in China, there is a specific etiquette that needs to be followed to show your respect to the meals in front of you. So if you are ever planning on visiting China someday, it helps that you know these etiquettes.

Be well dressed and on time
When it comes to formal dinners hosted in the best chinese restaurant Melbourne in China, it is respectful that you always arrive on time and that you are well dressed. This shows that you are being considerate to the host and valuing his or her invitation of dining. You should also note that when serving food or when starting to eat, the most senior person goes first and then the others follow. This shows your respect for seniority, which is a common practice that is given utmost importance in many Asian countries.

You sit based on seniority
Like mentioned previously, seniority is given utmost importance even when it comes to the seating arrangement. So basically the guest of honor would be seated away from the entrance or facing east and the next most important guest would be sitting after that and so on the arrangement follows. However if the guest of honor is not seated, then it is considered disrespectful for the others to be seated. Therefore the others do not sit until the guest of honor is seated. And whether you are all gathered for a simple meal of best dumplings Melbourne doesn’t even matter at all!

The host decides the menu
Generally it is the host that invites the guest who decides what would be served as the menu for the day. Howeverif you do happen to mention a favorite or if he or she invites you to pick anything you would like, then you might be able to get something that you favor but otherwise, you’ve got to be content with what is served. But don’t worry Chinese food is great no matter what it is!

You’ve got to wash your dishes
This isn’t as bad as it sounds (it sounds like a chore your mom would ask you to do doesn’t it!). In China it is a custom that you wash your dishes and chopsticks with either hot water or tea. And so, you are given a cup, a bowl and a saucer. You’ve got to pour the tea from the cup on to the chopsticks while holding it over the saucer and pour the waste in to the bowl. Do the same for the other dishes as well and then pour the waste in to the bigger bowl that is placed in the middle of the table.

Chinese Food Etiquettes You Should Know About