Intelligent home owners all around the world are leaning towards environmentally friendly, more efficient and cost-effective methods of generating energy from the power generated by the powerplants, which is a major expense that we must incur every month. In this article, we will look into three such revolutionary technologies that are making our lives a lot better while having a positive impact on the environment as well.

Solar panels The biggest source of power known to us, the sun, is up there half the day and all we have to do is harness this using panels that go on the top of the roof, which will generate enough electricity to keep your home powered up all day. The initial cost will certainly be large; however, you will be able to recoup this investment in a matter of few years through the major savings you will make on electricity bills. Given the SolarEdge inverter price of the market today, it is the best time to make your switch to this eco-friendly, budget-friendly form of electricity generation.

Solar water heating This is one of the best ways to save all that money you spend every month on gas or electricity for heating the water of your home. Here, the suns heat will be harnessed by the unit to heat up a reserve of water which will be transferred to where it is needed at your house and the hot water installation Perth is much simpler and cheaper than that of solar panels. Depending on the nature of your needs (radiators, faucets, showerheads), determine just how much heated water you will need and install an adequate number of units to meet the requirement.

Wind turbines This is ideal for those properties that are located in windy areas with plenty of open spaces. While wind turbines are largely used by industrial giants and other major bodies that would line hundreds of enormous units in fields to generate mega volumes of energy, if your yard has enough space and breeze, you too will be able to set up turbine that will generate enough power to fulfill the needs of your household. Compared to the sun, wind is available almost all day and all night which makes it a lot more stable and they are capable of generating an impressive volume of power when positioned correctly. Wind turbines can however be a little too noisy, which is why it’s always better to set it up far away from where you live so it won’t really bother you. Also, they are really tall and might make your property look ugly if it is cramped into a small yard space.

3 Ways Of Powering Your Home Using Renewable Energy